Your first visit to Pear Dental

What to expect when you book an in-person consult with Pear Dental.

Pear Dental

Dental done differently.

ontactless check-in

We’ll collect your dental and medical history online for a faster, hassle-free visit with no paperwork. We’ll tell you exactly what you’ll owe before we do any work, so there’s never any surprises.

Freshening up
When you arrive, we’ll show you to our Brushing Room and give you a complimentary bamboo dental kit for freshening up. No more having to awkwardly freshen up en-route to your appointment.

A suite prepared just for you
Once you’ve freshend up we’ll show you to your suite, fully prepared and sanitised before your arrival. All of our suites are equipped with iPhone, Samsung and Google phone chargers, as well as personal space to hand your coat and leave your bag.

Rapid and comfortable 3D imaging
Our VaTech Smart X CBCT 3D imaging machine is modern, unintrusive and comfortable to use, allowing our dentists to provide comprehensive oral planning for even the most complex of cases.

Screening for gum disease and periodontal disease
After we’ve completed your 3D imaging you’ll return to your suite. The next step is to screen you for gingivitis and periodontitis. If we spot signs of one of these diseases, we’ll recommend a treatment to help treat the condition and restore your oral health.

Judgement-free oral exam
Making patients feel guilty about their oral health isn’t helpful to anyone – which is why your dentist will examine your mouth and talk to you about your oral health with absolutely no judgement. Your oral exam also includes an oral cancer screening.

Discussing your options for aesthetic and/or restorative procedures
If you’re visiting to discuss aesthetic and/or restorative procedures, here’s where we’ll discuss your options. Your dentist will lay out each of the routes available to you, including the various pros and cons of each potential route. We’ll also discuss the risks involved and the costs involved and, where appropriate, the finance costs.

Contactless checkout
That’s the end of your first appointment! If you’re happy to proceed with any proposed aesthetic and/or restorative procedures, we can take a few moments to either take a deposit or arrange finance. The last step is to book in your next visit.

Judgement-free dentistry.

Our dentists will make you feel supported and cared for, no matter the state of your oral health.